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About Morgana

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Morgana Asselli Cuomo


I believe fitness should be an integral part of everyone’s life, as it has a positive effect on the overall well-being of an individual’s mind and body.  


I have spent my lifetime devoted to physical fitness.  My love of fitness started when I was 6 years old and began to take ballet.  By the time I was 16, I was teaching ballet and jazz dance for kids and discovered a passion for educating people about fitness.  My desire to instruct in the area of fitness and to help people live healthy lifestyles led to my studies in physical education and fitness as a young adult.  I earned bachelor’s degrees in both Fitness and Physical Education from Escola Superior de Educaçao Fisica (ESEFIC).  (Please see below for my credentials.)


At Body By Morgana studio I instruct people of all ages and fitness levels in group classes as well as one-on-one personal training sessions.  I am especially interested in helping people age well.  Physical activity and sports are crucial.  Being happy in daily life, and especially in retirement depends critically on being able to move easily and painlessly in pursuit of work, sports hobbies or travel. Lifetime fitness results in happy aging.  


I have extensive knowledge in injury rehabilitation, concentrating specifically on the knees, shoulders, hips and spinal alignment.  Many of my clients come to me with problems in these areas.  Some are caused by repetitive motion in sports or work, some are caused by lack of exercise which has lead to weakness and poor support around the joints.  After an initial assessment, I help the client concentrate on strengthening the muscles needed to support the painful parts.  But we always also work on whole body strength, aerobic fitness, flexibility and balance as well.  


Strength, aerobic fitness, flexibility and balance are the four pillars of physical health.  Having good ability in these four areas leads to better quality of life at all ages, but especially as we get older.  I have seen 40-year-olds who cannot get out of a chair easily due to lack of strength, flexibility and balance.   I have also seen 70-year-olds who are as strong and able as many 30-somethings.  The difference is never just one feature as in, “I’m stiff or my legs are weak”.  The ability to paint the ceiling or crawl in under the car or run with the grandchildren is dependent on all four of the competences of the physically fit - strength, aerobic fitness, flexibility and balance.


Consequently, in group or personal training we concentrate on strength and aerobic fitness, touching on flexibility as needed.  But I very strongly encourage all my exercisers to take yoga as well in order to develop the greater flexibility and balance so necessary to fluid and pain-free movement.  


I find great joy in seeing people progress in physical ability and become healthier and therefore happier. 





BA Physical Education FIPA (ESEFIC)

Personal trainer (Brazil)

Personal Trainer AFAA (USA)

Nutrition Consultation FIPA (ESEFIC)

Hatha Yoga

Silver Sneakers Yoga

Silver Sneakers Muscular strength

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